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Q. What it is all about?

Flash Menu Labs is a powerful tool for creating Flash menus for your websites instantly.

Q. There are several flash menu creating products in the market.
Why should I choose Flash Menu Labs?

Flash Menu Labs has the best combination of features, usability and price. It provides great possibilities for both beginners and professionals. While changing menu skins, behavior presets, tuning desirable option and adding your graphics you can get unlimited number of different menus. Just see our examples and download Flash Menu Labs and you will see that it is the best choice.

Q. Will my flash menu be search engine friendly?

There are several solutions for making your Flash Menu Labs menu SEO friendly. You can create a site map page for your site, add a special XML sitemap or duplicate your flash menu by HTML one. Flash Menu labs has a special Sitemap tool that generates HTML sitemap page and XML sitemap. You can use one of them or even both.

Q. Why do we use SWFObject.js?

SWFObject is a small Javascript file used for embedding Adobe Flash content. The script is designed to make embedding Flash movies as easy as possible. It is also very search engine friendly and helps to fix "Active Content" issue in the Internet Explorer.
You can read more about the script here: http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/

Q. I have no Flash skills. Can I create flash menus with Flash Menu Labs?

Yes, even amateurs with zero Flash and ActionScript skills can successfully use Flash Menu Labs.

Q. Please tell me about restrictions of the FML trial version.

The main restriction of the FML Std trial version is that you won't be able to put your links on buttons. It won't stop you from trying all menu skins and getting result instantly.
In FML Pro you won't be able to put your menu on the web server ("legal domain" field is blocked in trial version only). It will become possible after purchasing Flash Menu Labs Pro.

Q. Where can I see the examples of pages with Flash Menu Labs menus?

Please visit our examples section.

Q. How can I use FML with iFrames?

To specify iFrame that you want to control you should go to the Menu Properties/Open Method and write there your iFrame name.
Here is an example of using iFrames.

Q. You know, I don't like iFrames... How can I use FML with Frameset?

Please check our example.

Q. How can I insert 2 menus into the page?

Be sure that you have the latest version of the FML - not less than 2.02 and follow help instructions.
Here is an example of the page with 2 menus.

Q. Is it possible to insert FML menu into another Flash movie?

Yes, it is. Please take a look at the sample page.

Q. Can I insert FML menu into my Dreamweaver, FrontPage or any other WYSIWYG editor?

We recommend to use "Code view" mode of such editors. It doesn't require any special knowledge. You will just have to copy/paste a necessary code from the "Publish" window.

Q. Should I upload .fml file to my site?

No, it is a working file like .psd

Q. I've found out that there is a link to flashmenulabs.com in the context menu.
Can I remove this link?

Yes, you can remove this link from the context menu. Please be sure that you have FML Std v2.03 or higher. Unfortunately this feature is not compatible with the menus created in older versions of FML.

Q. I can see my menus offline in local preview, but as soon as I publish my web page online, the menus just don't show? The only thing I can see is "update your flash or turn on javascript".

Most probably that you didn't copy to server all necessary files for the menu. For example "menu_data" folder or .xml files. The menu cannot find smth it needs and shows an alternate content.
Copy to the server all files which were generated by the Publish function.

Q. Why if I preview my menus in IE it keeps asking me to let run active X?

IE will always show you the warning ActiveX message, while you test the menu locally. This message will disappear, when you publish the menu to the Internet.

Q. Can I set multiple legal domain names for a single menu? I have to put the same menu on "example.com" and "superexample.com".

Yes, it is possible from the Flash Menu Labs Pro v.2.076. You can set up to 3 Legal domains.

Q. I tried www.domain.com, http://www.domain.com, and domain.com but I still see a warning message over my menu everytime! What can I do?

Take a look at the Warning message. It contains a prompt about the proper legal domain. Please read more in "Legal domain" Help section.

Q. I made a file using FML Std. Then I bought the Pro version, but the file I created isn't working right with it.

You'll have ro recreate the menu from scratch in Flash Menu Labs Pro, because Std and Pro file formats are not compatible.